Replicar Ltd, Cursor Microcar moped.

Lordy, Lordy!   What's all this, then?   It's the Cursor Microcar.   Factory built in Britain, the Cursor was designed to allow sixteen year olds to drive a car type vehicle on the UK roads, with only a moped license.   A full year before they could legally drive a car.

The car was made between 1985-87 and over 100 were built.   The body was constucted out of fibreglass, and the chassis was tubular steel.   The car has 3 wheels.   One at the back and two at the front.   The vehicle is propelled via the rear wheel and the handbrake operates only on this wheel.   The tricycle has a design speed of 40KMH (26MPH), but can hit 40MPH with a (strong!) back wind.   Fuel consumption is in the region of 90MPG.

In 1985, the car cost £2200.   A normal moped cost around £1000.   The car had a useful life of one year only, as the driver could drive a full size car the moment that their age hit 17 years.   Most people had more sense than to throw away their hard-earned cash on something that would be useful for only a few short months.   Hence the short production life.   A two seat version was also produced.   Production is thought to have achieved only single figures. 

Wagons wagons everywhere

By Crikey! They don't make them like this anymore, do they?   Three wheels on our wagons!

From left:  Reliant Regal, Replicar Cursor, Heinkle Bubble, Isetta Bubble.

Tech Spec:

Manufacturer: Replicar Ltd, Dunkirk, Kent U.K.  Designer: Alan Hatswell.

Approx number made >100.   Life of production:  2 years (1985-1987).

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What do I do if I visit a local rally in my microcar, and it turns out to be dead boring?  Answer>> I leave the car where it is, and vanish somewhere better on my MICROBIKE. 

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